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Nuk intercom Dect Control Audio 500 Digital

Product code: 10.256.438

Nuk intercom Dect Control Audio 500 Digital

Product code: 10.256.438
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Nuk intercom Dect Control Audio 500 Digital

Digital baby monitor with full eco-control system: watch your baby safely and flawlessly Baby safety is an immediate priority, especially for new parents. With NUK’s new digital baby monitor, you’ll be well-equipped in the early stages of your newborn baby – especially when it comes to tracking your little one ‘s sometimes restless and restless sleep. The NUK Eco Control Audio 500 ensures that you are close to your child, even if you are not really that close.

   The new NUK monitoring device has the eco-mode function that reduces the radiation in your child’s room while he is sleeping and the full eco-control system, which constantly monitors the connection of the two units. This means that you can always be sure that you will be in touch with your adorable baby. It informs you immediately if your baby is crying but even in case the connection is interrupted or you are out of range. When the eco-mode function is activated, your baby’s room is 100% free of high frequency radiation and is not exposed to unnecessary electrical pollution.With the NUK Eco Control Audio 500, you remain flexible and at the same time benefit from optimal security and reliable monitoring. Digital baby monitor and secure data-free interference .

   Do not worry, FHSS digital technology ensures reliable, clear signal-free interference, so you can hear even the slightest noise and your voice can be transmitted to your baby’s room without interference. Watch your lovable baby easily from the next room, from the kitchen or from your garden, as long as the rechargeable batteries make the parent unit portable.The maximum battery life is up to 18 hours, which means you do not need to recharge your baby’s monitor immediately. When the battery of the parent unit gradually starts to decrease, a light appears and a warning sound sounds informing you to connect the unit to the power supply. If your baby is restless during sleep, your voice can easily calm him down. the intercom without having to be in the same room.The noise level indicator with the 5 LEDs is specially configured to visualize the sounds in your child’s room. This feature is especially useful when the volume on the parent unit is reduced to a minimum or even silent. This indicator will also show you when the baby is crying, even when you do not hear it. Transmission sensitivity can be adjusted to suit your needs. If you have selected low sensitivity, the infant unit responds only to very loud noises. If the noise sensitivity is chosen to be high, even soft sounds, such as squeaking or mumbling, can also be transmitted.

   There are a total of 4 levels of transmission sensitivity, and in each of these settings, the eco-mode function is activated automatically from the moment your baby falls asleep. The transmission sensitivity option can also be turned off, thus allowing continuous transmission of all noises that take place. In this case (level 5), the eco-mode function is deactivated. Included:

1 x Infant Unit (for child’s room)

1 x Mobile Unit (for parent)

2 x Power Transformers

1 x Rechargeable Battery

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