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Inglesina Trilogy Travel System Maui Grey - City Ardesia

Product code: KA38P6MUG

Inglesina Trilogy Travel System Maui Grey – City Ardesia

Product code: KA38P6MUG
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Inglesina Trilogy Travel System Maui Grey – City Ardesia

At a Glance

The Inglesina Trilogy Quattro is the ideal travel system for those seeking their baby’s comfort and well-being without sacrificing functionality and practicality of use.
The Quattro travel system allows the transition frm strolling around to travelling by car to going home without disturbing the least your baby’s sleep and relax time. Includes: Pram, Welcome Pad™, Mattress, Child Huggy Multifix™ Group 0+ car seat, Standup pram and Huggy Multifix™ car seat base, Pushchair, Pushchair footmuff, Storage basket, Cup holder.

Features and benefits

Welcome Pad™ and mattress

Based on the Start Matt medical device developed by Inglesina in cooperation with the Neonatal Department of the Maggiore Hospital of Bologna, manufactured according to the latest scientific guidelines regarding the baby’s safety, the Welcome Pad™:

·         Reduces the risk of flat-head syndrome

·         Ensures the required protection during baby’s first 7 to 9 weeks

·         Promotes stable spine position and limb alignment

·         Conforms to the baby’s growth thanks to the adjustable footrest

·         Helps align airways

·         3D structure in combination with inner foam padding and breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial bamboo cover – ideal to control body temperature and moisture

Pram mattress

·         Made of medium-density foam with 40 evenly distributed holes for air circulation

·         The part touching baby’s body is covered in soft, breathable jersey fabric

·         Base with 3D structure to prevent moisture accumulation

·         Dimensions: 36 x 76 x 2 cm (width x height x depth)

·         Material: 100% polyester

Standup support base

After your walk, a practical system allows parents to keep their baby comfortable at home – designed to keep away moisture and dirt.
The Standup converts to the right support that guarantees comfort at home whereas, for a quick nap, it is compatible with child car seat.

·         Designed for use with pram and child car seat

·         Easy to fold and store

·         Free-standing when folded

·         Dimensions: 57 x 53 x 70 cm (width x height x depth)

·         Dimensions folded: 11.5 x 71 x 70 cm (width x height x depth)

·         Weight: 2.3 kg

·         Material: Aluminium, steel, nylon

Our big pram

During a baby’s first months, the baby needs to lie down and be free to stretch, sleep and explore without being limited by narrow spaces that inhibit free movement and muscle relaxation.
The extra large Trilogy pram is Inglesina’s most spacious pram, designed for your baby’s ultimate comfort!
Measuring 79 x 37 cm in order to be used for longer, even when the baby wears a snowsuit or more voluminous clothing.

·         Inflexible PP base protects baby from impacts

·         Outer cover made of double padded melange fabric for improved thermal insulation

·         Completely removable inner lining made of soft breathable jersey (handwashed at 30°C). Once removed, the pram’s base can be cleaned with a damp cloth

·         Reclinable back: when the baby is awake they can discover the world around them

·         Base with ventilation system to regulate air flow and temperature inside

·         Ergonomically shaped handle and built-in fabric lining for easy transportation

·         Simple central disconnection mechanism from chassis

·         UV hood (UPF50+) and front sunshade for all-year-round protection from direct sunlight even when the sun is low

·         Breathable hood allows air circulation within the pram providing best possible ventilation. Ideal to play peek-a-boo with your baby!

·         Reinforced cover that can be lifted to shield your baby from cold or wind

·         With indication for correct installation onto chassis or Standup base for improved safety

·         Designed to travel in the car, approved for Group 0 (0-10 kg), as per ECE 44/04 European Regulation using the special kit

·         Structure with Parking Belt System: specially designed pockets to store car’s safety belts

Technical information:

Inner pram dimensions: 37 x 22 x 76 cm (width x height x depth)

Outer pram dimensions: 48 x 66 x 86 cm (width x height x depth)

Weight: 5.5 kg

Outer lining: Polyester fabric

Inner lining: Polyester fabric

Frame material: Polypropylene (PP)

Pushchair dimensions (basic chassis + pram): 56.5 x 113 x 86 cm (width x height x depth)

Pushchair dimensions (City chassis + pram): 50 x 113 x 86 cm (width x height x depth)

Group 0+ Huggy Multifix™ car seat (0-13 kg)

Easy to carry and lightweight (only 3.7 kg), can be easily installed and removed from the car, the Standup base, and the pushchair frame.
With Side Head Protection system and soft breathable Lycra headrest that subsides on pressure points, ergonomically designed to preserve correct baby posture.
Can be installed as it is or with a Universal or ISOFIX base to improve stability inside the vehicle and allow a faster and easier connection/removal.

·         Approved as per Group 0+ ECE R44/04 European Standard (suitable from 0 to 13 kg)

·         Side Head Protection for improved safety in case of side impact

·         Headrest with soft jersey cover, ergonomically designed to contribute to baby’s correct posture during first months

·         Handy central unlocking mechanism on backrest

·         Carry handle, adjustable to 4 positions

·         Can be used as a pram or baby seat at home, using the Standup support base

·         Adjustable and removable hood equipped with extra removable UPF50+  front sunshade to protect from UV radiation

·         3-point safety belts with adjustable height to grow with the child. With padded shoulder protection to avoid chafing against sensitive neck and shoulder skin

·         Headrest with adjustable height via central mechanism and built-in 3-point straps with adjustable height to grow with the child

·         Can be installed only in rearward position, on back seats or passenger seat exclusively with deactivated airbag

·         Child seat and hood cover completely removable and handwashed at 30°C

·         Installed in the car with or without optional base

Technical information:

·         Frame material: Polypropylene (PP)

·         Lining material: Polyester

·         Child car seat straps: With 3-point support

·         Installation: Only in rearward position

·         Backrest inner width: 21 cm

·         Inner backrest height: 49 cm

·         Inner pushchair seat width: 24 cm

·         Weight: 3.7 kg

·         Outer child car seat dimensions: 44 x 59 x 54 cm (width x height x depth)

·         Approved for: ECE R44/04

·         Universal base dimensions (optional): 43 x 18 x 53 cm (width x height x depth)

·         ISOFIX base dimensions (optional): 43 x 15.5 x 53.5 cm (width x height x depth)


The large and correctly structured position is designed with ventilation system.
The high back supports the child’s body and head throughout their development and is fully reclining to horizontal position to ensure the most comfortable seat even during first months.

·         Suitable from birth up to 22 kg (approx. 4 years)

·         Reversible seat that is easily installed and removed thanks to its handy central mechanism.
Your baby can face you or the road depending on how they feel!
Chassis closes with seat facing the parent or forwards without touching the floor

·         Backrest with 3-position recline via central mechanism for gradual and controlled lowering.
The seat reaches full horizontal position along with footrest to ensure correct posture and comfort

·         Footrest is long enough to use pushchair even on sleep position 

·         Large, extendable UV (UPF50+) hood for maximum protection from sunlight even on completely horizontal position, equipped with extra front sunshade for direct sunlight even when the sun is low

·         Hood with inner breathable fabric for proper ventilation, to keep seat cool and fresh. Ideal to watch your little one as your walk

·         Soft padded footrest can be adjusted to position that protects child from cold

·         Handlebar and footrest made of durable, water-repellent, and easily washed material

·         5-point straps adjustable to 3 height positions to grow with the child. Designed with shoulder pads to avoid contact with straps on neck and shoulders

·         Soft Lycra crotch pads to avoid irritation and chafing

·         Fabric lining and hood fully removable and handwashable at 30°C

Technical information:

·         Backrest width: 31 cm

·         Backrest height: 48 cm

·         Pushchair seat width: 32 cm

·         Weight: 2.7 kg

·         Lining material: Polyester

·         Open pushchair dimensions with City chassis: 50 x 105.5 x 82 cm (width x height x depth)

·         Closed pushchair dimensions with City chassis: 30 x 98 x 44 cm (width x height x depth)

·         Pushchair weight with City Chassis: 9.6 kg

·         Open pushchair dimensions with Standard chassis: 56.5 x 105.5 x 82 cm (width x height x depth)

·         Closed pushchair dimensions with Standard chassis: 34 x 98 x 44 cm (width x height x depth)

·         Pushchair weight with Standard Chassis: 9.5 kg


Lightweight and compact, opens, closes, and is maneuvered with one hand thanks to Inglesina’s patent, so the other hand is free to handle the pram or the car seat. The used technology is developed to keep handlebar off the ground when folded to preserve optimal hygiene conditions.

·         Umbrella-like one-hand closing mechanism patented by Inglesina

·         Available in Standard or City edition that fits even narrowest lifts due to its small footprint (only 50cm wide)

·         One-piece handlebar for easy maneuvering even with one hand 

·         Large wheels with ball bearings, easy to maneuver and suitable for every surface. Front 175mm diameter wheels and rear Abec 5 ball bearing 205mm diameter wheels

·         Front swivel wheels with remote locking system that is easily activated without bending over

·         One-piece active break with central control mechanism that automatically locks when activated for improved safety during use

·         Spacious storage basket with reinforced surface and extra storage space with zipper. Reflective details make it safe to ride in the dark 

·         Built-in cup holder 

·         Side handle to facilitate transportation when closed

Technical information:

·         Umbrella-like closing mechanism

·         Open City chassis dimensions: 50 x 102.5 x 82 cm (width x height x depth)

·         Closed City chassis dimensions: 28 x 98 x 34 cm (width x height x depth)

·         City chassis weight: 6.95 kg

·         Open Standard chassis dimensions: 56.5 x 103 x 82 cm (width x height x depth)

·         Closed Standard chassis dimensions: 34 x 98 x 34 cm (width x height x depth)

·         City chassis weight: 6.85 kg

·         Chassis material: Αluminium

Additional information

Weight 16 kg

Stroller type

Travel system 3 in 1