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Inglesina Aptica Duo Travel system Polar Blue

Product code: KA75N0PLB

Inglesina Aptica Duo Travel system Polar Blue

Product code: KA75N0PLB
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Inglesina Aptica Duo Travel system Polar Blue

The Glam Crossover.

Aptica is the new System by Inglesina featuring the unmistakable GLAM style, exceptionally comfortable for the baby, very easy to use by the parents and cared for in every single detail.

We give your sweet baby all the space they deserve

The pram is more than just a way to transport your baby.
It is a place your baby will spend many hours of their first delicate months of life.

That’s why we have designed the perfect environment, welcoming them with all the required comfort and safety.

We support comfort and the correct posture

When babies are newly born they are fragile and helpless, they abandon the safety of their mother’s womb to face the outside world: help them to feel at ease, protected, snug and maintain correct posture.

Why wake up your baby?

Thanks to the Standup, the carrycot can be positioned comfortably and hygienically inside the house (even while travelling), turning it into an actual bed for the night to be placed next to yours.

If your baby falls asleep, avoid waking them up when coming back from your stroll. This is good for the baby and for you, too.

The Chassis

It opens and closes with just one hand and stays standing when closed without the handle touching the ground, so your hands do not get dirty.

The reversible, comfortable, and completely reclining stroller

You will use the stroller for a long time, it is essential that it is comfortable for your baby because they will spend many hours sleeping and exploring the world around them.

What’s included:

Welcome Pad and mattress
Standup support for carrycot
Reversible stroller seat
Leg cover for stroller
Storage basket
Cup holder

Dimensions and weight:

Internal carrycot dimensions:
37 x 22 x 79 cm (w x h x d)

External carrycot dimensions:
44 x 67 x 90 cm (w x h x d)
Carrycot weight: 5,6 kg

Dimensions of complete pram (carrycot + chassis):
50 x 117 x 89-100 cm (w x h x d)

Dimensions of stroller when open:
50 x 112 x 84-99 cm (w x h x d)

Stroller dimensions when closed:
50 x 90 x 42 cm (w x h x d)
Stroller weight: 12,3 kg

Additional information

Weight 16 kg

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Travel system 2 in 1



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