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Chicco Aerosol Inhaler Super Soft - Frog

Product code: H07-09067-00

Chicco Aerosol Inhaler Super Soft – Frog

Product code: H07-09067-00
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Chicco Aerosol Inhaler Super Soft – Frog 

There is nothing worse than a blocked nose – especially the little ones suffer from it most.
They cannot breathe clearly, cannot drink well, are dissatisfied and weepy.
The colorful Chicco aerosol inhaler supports your child with the treatment.

Benefit of the positive effects of inhalation therapy and treat inflammations of the upper respiratory tract – such as colds and a runny nose, or inflammations of the lower respiratory tract, such as constricted bronchi. Inhaling gently clears your baby’s airways and makes breathing much easier.
The fine mist reaches deep into the respiratory tract.

Two soft silicone masks make the treatment very comfortable.
The smaller one is perfect for new-born babies and the larger one is suitable for toddlers, but also mom and dad will benefit from the inhaler during the cold season.
That way, the Aerosol Super Soft stands out as an inhaler for the whole family!
An additional mouth and nose piece which is required for specific treatments is included in delivery.
The steam is atomized in a fast and effective way.
The nebulizer is a safe alternative to steam inhalation, especially for small children.
Using the saline solution is ideal for cleansing and moisturizing the nose.
It also supports the natural protective function of the nasal mucus membrane and reduces the risk of further infections of the respiratory tract.

The cheerful motif is just right for treating the little one.
The jolly fellows ensure a good mood during the treatment and thus contribute to a quick recovery.

Tip: All parts are washable and can be cleaned to make them sterile.
To replace the masks, the tube, and all small hygienic parts you get the comprehensive accessory set.



  • Suitable from birth an dup
  • Including 2 soft masks made of soft silicone
  • For the treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract
  • Fast and effective
  • Safe alternative to steam inhalation


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