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Chicco Easy Meal Scoop System for Formula, 0+

Product code: F06-07657-00

Chicco Easy Meal Scoop System for Formula, 0+

Product code: F06-07657-00
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Chicco Easy Meal Scoop System for Formula, 0+

Chicco Easy Meal System for Formula, 0+

Chicco’s Easy Meal System makes everyday life with a tiny human a lot easier.
Right from breastfeeding time to the weaning period, this entire system provides you with great possibilities to store formula, snacks and the like.
This way you always have the right box easy to reach – they are leak-proof and super easy to feed your child from or for snacking something healthy on the go.

The scoop system for formula 0+ comes with a dispenser for formula and a container that holds 300ml.
You can store up to three measured servings of formula in the container.
Thus, freshly preparing your little one’s bottle when being out and about is super easy.
Once you remove the different sections in the container, you can also use it for storing all sorts of meals.
The container with its airtight seal is perfect for taking snacks and sweet treats with you.

All containers of Chicco’s Easy Meal collection are interchangeable and feature an innovative linkage system so that they can be slotted together for safely transporting them.
They are suitable for freezing food and for warming it in the microwave.


  • Suitable right from birth
  • Items delivered: Scoop for formula with 3 removable sections, 300ml container
  • Suitable for storing and transporting, freezing and warming food
  • Linkage system that holds the containers tightly when slotted together
  • Material: free from BPA
  • Made in Italy

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