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Nuk Action Cup 230ml with straw 12m+ (Bra Free)

Product code: 10.751.136

Nuk Action Cup 230ml with straw 12m+ (Bra Free)

Product code: 10.751.136
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Nuk Action Cup 230ml with straw 12m+ (Bra Free)

NUK Magic Cup 230 ml, with staw, silicone sealing disc, from 8 months, BPA-free

NUK Magic Cup: Learning to drink is magic

The NUK Magic Cup lets babies drink like the big kids.
The 360° drinking rim encourages and helps drinking from any edge – no handles at all and almost like a normal cup.
The only “magical” difference: the cup cannot leak as a silicone disc seals the lid from the inside.
Drinking is still child’s play: your child just needs to suck the rim a little.

And so that the NUK Magic Cup stays clean and secure when out and about, it has an additional lid for protection.

NUK Magic Cup – drink all round like the grown-ups

The cup is made of a high-quality, resilient material, is 100% BPA-free and printed with cute motifs.
It consists of particularly few parts that can be taken apart and reassembled in no time at all and is easy to clean effectively.

NUK Evolution Cups – the right cup for every stage of development

Learning to drink independently is one of the most important steps in a baby’s development and is a real challenge in terms of patience and skill.
Therefore, we have developed the NUK Evolution Cups – cups in two sizes and with different drinking tops, which “grow” with your child.
Thanks to the wide range of possible combinations, this range of cups offers the right cup for every stage of development.

Each top is designed to suit a different learning stage and can be easily replaced as your baby’s abilities increase.
All three are also 100% leakproof.
This ensures that your child always receives the help they needed at that moment and keeps having fun learning how to drink.

NUK Cups comply with the European safety standard EN14350.

Carefully read warnings and instructions inside. Please retain product information and article/ LOT no. for future use.
NUK Cups and Spouts are only compatible with the corresponding range.

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