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Chicco Baby Body Lotion - 200ml

Product code: L60-02848-80

Chicco Baby Body Lotion – 200ml

Product code: L60-02848-80
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Chicco Baby Body Lotion – 200ml

Infant’s delicate skin deserves proper care from day one of their birth.
You cannot use whatever lotion you come across.
When it is about baby’s sensitive skin, mothers become very conscious about the baby products.
They strive to give the best care to their little angel so that baby remains fit and strong.
Chicco Body Lotion gives an excellent skin care protection to your infant.
babies skin tends to lose moisture because of constant cleaning and wiping.
It needs a lotion that can keep the skin hydrated all the time.
So, this lovely lotion is ideal for moisturizing your baby’s skin.
Presence of sweet almond milk in the lotion is best known for nourishing the skin.
The lotion gets easily penetrated the skin, making it softer and smoother.
It also adds a soft sheen to the skin.
The tender skin of child is often prone to infections and skin irritation.
However, Chicco Body Lotion effectively combats these issues.
This lotion is hypoallergenic in nature and reduces all chances of skin allergies, thereby retaining the natural health of the skin.
Chicco Body Lotion is non-oily.
It won’t feel sticky or oily after application.
Since it is free of parabens, alcohol, or dyes, which are harmful chemicals for a baby’s skin, you can be assured that your little bundle of joy will not be affected in adverse way.
Besides, the product is clinically proven and safe to use for babies.
Chicco 500ml Body Lotion comes in a cute bottle with an easy dispenser.
It can be used anytime of the day.

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