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Baby crib mattress from Labyrinth Iris Greco Strom

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Baby crib mattress from Labyrinth Iris Greco Strom

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Παράδοση σε 4 - 10 ημέρες


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Baby crib mattress from Labyrinth Iris Greco Strom

From labyrinth material.

A pioneering hypoallergenic mattress, free of chemical additives that ensures optimal moisture ventilation and moisture-free conditions, resulting to a comfortable and healthy sleep for your baby.

An innovative layer, hypoallergenic, free from chemical additives, that ensures the ideal conditions of ventilation and removal of moisture.

Labyrinth, a material with a three-dimensional structure, which works in combination with the natural movement of your baby’s body and allows vertical and horizontal air transpiration. Waterproof and washable creates the most relaxing, relaxing and healthy sleep conditions!

Available with detachable fabric three-dimensional transpiration (3D airproof).

 Fabric cover:

• 3D Airproof fabric:

Waterproof fabric of special technology with three-dimensional structure, allowing comfortable air circulation, promoting proper ventilation inside the mattress and preventing the growth of microbes and micro-organisms. Thus, your baby enjoys a comfortable and safe sleep. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, free of heavy metals and volatile compounds.


• Mattress height 8 cm.
• Dimensions up to 80 x 160 cm (WxL). (+/-1cm due to natural materials)

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Weight 12 kg

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Bed – Crib

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