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Greco Strom Iole Park Mattress from Coir

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Greco Strom Iole Park Mattress from Coir

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Greco Strom Iole Park Mattress from Coir

From coir natural material.

A layer of 100% natural rubberized coconut soaked in latex liquid that achieves elasticity and perfect restoration. An excellent natural material that gives comfort, absolute safety and hygiene to your baby’s sleep.

Available with 2 cover fabrics:

 Jacquard cotton fabric:
Comfort and soft feel thanks to the high content of natural cotton. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and slow-burning.

• Tencel antibacterial fabric:
With special antibacterial treatment that prevents the growth of bacteria and mites in the mattress. It is elastic for easy application, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, free of heavy metals and volatile compounds. In addition, it has been processed for slow burning, which reduces the flame spread.

• Mattress height 6 cm.
• Dimensions up to 60 x 10 cm (WxL). (+/-1cm due to natural materials)

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